David and Dupe Adegbami

Grace Instrument Ministries

David and Dupe Adegbami are a missionaries in Belize.
They came from Nigeria in 2007 to serve at Belize’s YWAM base. 

David had a dream where a Caucasian and Dark man were discussing his own plans and the admonished him, “this is the time for Belize missions.” Soon after David and his wife Dupe with their daughter Covenant came to Belize. God provided for their needs, led them through divine appointments, allowed them to bring the rest of their children to Belize and connected them with their home-church, Fountain of Life. When their time in YWAM was up God opened the way for them to move to Spanish Lookout. Then Grace Instrument Ministries was born giving a name to the many services God led them to in Belize. 

The main hub for the Adegbami's ministry is the ministry home in BlackManEddy Belize. From that house they minister to the surrounding village. The women come to practice their sewing, the children come to play and receive gifts of clothing and bedding. This beautiful hardwood cabin is also the home where pastors and teachers stay that are invited to come minister and hold conferences in Belize.

David and Dupe are dedicated to bringing quality speakers and leaders to Belize to hold conferences and nights of deliverance. In the past Dr. David Akanni came to Fountain of Life, his message can be seen here.

One of the key tools of Grace Ministries is the Pray For Your Husband ministry. Dupe along with a few other ladies from Fountain of Life Church leads a woman's group that gets together once a month to learn practical skills like sewing, canning, and food preparation. They invite ladies from the community who are skilled in these areas and the group is blessed by passing on their skill. 

Grace Instrument Ministries is a family ministry. David and Dupe have one son and four daughters. Marvelous, Mercy, David, Covenant, and Hope. The children do well in school and in bible contests. Their parents originally came with only Covenant to Belize because of paperwork that was needed to bring the older children. After the older three were able to come too, another addition to the family was welcomed, little Hope. 

The Adegbami's have big dreams for the future. A children's home, schools, clinic, prayer garden, library are all included in their plans for future projects. Lord willing the land can soon be purchased and construction started. David and Dupe both have years ministry experience in Nigeria and Belize and Dupe has been a high school teacher for many years in Nigeria. Their abilities are focused on the children and people of the villages surrounding them. May God by gracious and give them the desires of their hearts - a growing ministry.


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