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Student Testimonials

Anna 54

So much happened in the three weeks. I looked back in my journal to see what I had written at Potters, three weeks earlier.  And I was surprised to find that how many times amongst the praising to God that I had entries written like, “I don’t want to get hurt like that again,” and “I’m so emotionally, physically  and spiritually exhausted that I just wish I had somewhere I could take a long quiet  rest and not feel guilty about it.”And I hadn’t realized how emotionally and spiritually depleted I had become. Somewhere in the process of those three weeks God started changing me from the inside out, in ways I didjt even know I needed to change. And I am so blessed. There is so many things God did, I couldn’t just put it into one sentence. I’ll sum it up with God passionately pursued the innermost parts of my heart and revealed His love to me in a way that I am forever changed. I used to think agape love meant, would I be willing someday to lay down my life for Christ if I ever had to. And I thought that I’d come to the conclusion “yes, I would be willing to die for Christ.”   But what I came to realize was that that’s not what it really meant for me, but what it meant is am I willing to die, am I willing to let All of my self interests and self centeredness that’s deep within my heart to die for that kind of deep and passionate love relationship with the God of the universe - right now! And I praise God that He has given that to me. And we have a relationship that I cannot even explain, I just encourage you to experience it.

Alex 17

I grew up in a very Godly home, …. Almost my whole life I’ve had terrets Syndrome, which basically is a disorder that caused me to do twitches with my body without control like rolling my eyes or jerking my shoulder. And for me to grow up wondering what was wrong with me was a real battle. I struggled with that until I found my identity in the Lord, until around fourteen years old. And shortly after that, I wondered away from God, without knowing. Which led me into pornography, and that really put a wall in front of me and God because I knew it was wrong and I knew I wasn’t where I was supposed to be in the Lord. And basically that was the main reason I wanted to go to LCI, because I knew I couldn’t change on my own. And so I went with very high expectations, and with a small fear that I still wouldn’t change. But, guys it’s definitely as Life changing as its made out to be. I got rid of and set free of my sin, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and I also learned to speak in tongues for the first time in my life. It was absolutely amazing. And I personally think that everyone should go to LCI, because it covers so many areas in life, that whatever problems you have it will take care of them. I’m gonna be forever grateful for what I learned.

Lorna, 37

I’m very thankful that I was able to go to LCI, just to leave home with all the busyness and responsibilities there and just to go to a place to relax and be refreshed with so  many strong and truthful teachings and messages. I would just encourage other moms to do it as well. Its worth it, just to go there.  One topic that really spoke to me was about how powerful words are. Do they speak life or death? And also what are our thoughts and attitudes? We can do something about them. Are they negative or positive?  Another topic that really spoke to y heart was how to release past pain and hurt and then come into the Father’s love. I believe that God has a purpose for my  life and whatever he started in me, He will complete. Thankyou.

Solomon, 15

IN my life, I had a lot circumstances, I was very rebellious at times, I had sin and sometimes I thought, “What can I do? I wonder if God is seeing me?” But I went to this verse, and I just broke down and I just said, because I know I was loved in his sight, I was the righteousness of God in His sight. I want to encourage if you are thinking about going to LCI, it’s really good. It will help you, your mind, your soul, your spirit, everything, God will help you. I know some people think about the cost, but I’m telling you LCI’s value is more than $500. NO doubt, you will get blessed over there. 

Zack, 56

Deuteronomy 11:26-28 
See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse—
 I realized in my life, that more often than not, I was choosing the cursing. By the thoughts that I had, the negative thoughts, the words I would speak. I thought I’ve been a Christian for 42 years. But I thought my Christian life was good. Here I am in Belize working at a ministry. But I burned out. August first I burned out. I got severely depressed. I went to bed for two days. I did not eat or drink. When I came out of the room, my wife looked at me and said, “You’ve got something wrong with you.” (Just what you want to hear from your wife) She said, “God’s trying to get something out of you that needs to come out.” And she was right. Some friends of ours told us about Potters and we went to Potters. And while we were at Potters I realized I didn’t have just something in me that needed to come out I had many things that needed to come out. But the good thing was she did too, It wasn’t just me. So she was right though. It was amazing how God helped us to discover the mask that we were hiding behind because we had been so wounded that we were believing lies from the enemy about who we were and why we were serving God. So while we were at Potters somebody came to us and asked. “Would you like to go to LCI?” I didn’t have the money, but they offered to pay for it. And it was incredible. Its just an extension of Potters, it brings it to another level. It was just incredible What LCI does is they take the tools that God gives us in His word and they put it in a format that just drives it home. It’s simple but it’s hard. But it’s such a blessing to have gone. I know in the past I would have said about something like this “I can’t afford it.” or “I don’t have the time, three weeks is too long.” I’ll tell you, you can’t afford not to go. It was such a life change.   
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