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Community outreaches are a frequent activity at Fountain of Life. Usually its the youth who go out to an elderly's home, bringing mowers, weed-eaters and cleaning supplies. The afternoon is then spent... more

Potters Institute
The Potters Institute 1 is an experience in healing of the heart, receiving the Father’s blessing and dealing with wounds of childhood and beyond.  Come experience Father’s healing touch in your life...more

 Life Change Institute

Life Change Institute's mani objective and purpose is to help students find the keys to real life change. Most people, even Chistians, when they  are being honest, would say that they are not really being fulfilled...more


 In the past Fountain of Life has put on Marriage Retreats, Father and Son Retreats, Youth Outings and more. Not all retreats are a yearly event. Men of Honor has recently replaced Father and Son Retreats...more

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Banquets are highlights for old and young - everyone in the family. February calls for a formal Sweethearts' Banquet. In November guests come from far to celebrate at a Thanksgiving Supper...more