Outreach to Golden Age Homes

The Fountain of Life youth grabbed an oppurtunity to bless their elders on October 22nd at the Spanish Lookout Golden Age Homes. Instead of doing the usual - praise and worship, activities and short message - at church, they took song printouts and went to sing for the elderly. Respectfully the girls dressed in skirts, honoring those with religious traditions. To hear the modern youth sing hymns isn

It was a short outreach, still effective and fun. beautiful evening.


Community outreaches are a frequent activity at Fountain of Life. Usually its the youth who go out to an elderly's home, bringing mowers, weed-eaters and cleaning supplies. The afternoon is then spent helping a widow, or busy mom wipe down furniture, mow the yard or with whatever their need is. There is much value in honoring our elders, those who are homeless, especially those who are in authority. Having learned that the youth group has also helped out at Pastor Moore's house, at an orphanage in Belmopan and at the community park. The Saturday's spent working together are fun and productive; and leave everyone with a satisfied sense of doing good.

“We don't honor just to get a reward; we honor because it is the heart of God, and it is our delight.”
― John Bevere, Honor's Reward: The Essential Virtue for Receiving God's Blessings

Fountain of Life Outreaches


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Outreach to Youth Hostel

Sept 2013

 In September some of Fountain of Life youth and others went to the Belize Youth Hostel on the Western Highway to minister to the youth there. This group was led by Bill Craver who brought down a group of missionaries and also started a group called 50 Strong in Belize. 50 Strong is a group of youth from in and around Spanish Lookout radically dedicated to living out their lives for God. All of us together went out in buses to give to those in need.

We arrived at the youth hostel early in the afternoon and right away invited them to come sing with us. Us being mostly caucasians they were surprised to hear us lead them in their own creole Belizean songs. Then a few girls perform a short skit, portraying how man can never fall too far, God will always be ready to forgive and overlook our shortcomings. This was an appropriate message since many of the youth had criminal pasts or were unwelcome in their homes. After the skit, Dr. Bill Craver shared the gospel message, bringing many to tears as he shared stories, empathized with them in their unfortunate situations, and spoke of an ever-loving God. Two girls and a boy said they would like to have that relationship with the Father. Praise the Lord! We all prayed together.

Our short revival being over, everyone went outside to enjoy some activities. The boys played dodge-ball and the girls were pampered with manicures from our team. We were very appreciated, especially when the hostel youth received gifts. Everyone got a full outfit, of a blouse or shirt and pants or a skirt, and other toiletries like a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, washcloth, deoderant, shampoo, also a notebook, pen and a bible. After apparel gifts they were given a snack of sandwiches, cake and punch.

They were sad to see us go and we were reluctant to leave a place where wed found giving to others a blessing.